Event – 420 Celebration

2017-04-19T01:54:10+00:00April 19th, 2017|Blog, Community|

As 420 quickly approaches we will be holding a special 420 competition that begins with the new update that will be released around April 20th. We will be introducing a new leaderboard that tracks the top Hempire Cup strains each month. The Hempire Cup is a multi-player event that unlocks at level 15. The goal is to breed the best strain possible.

Special 420 Strain Competition!

New Items to unlock / New characters to meet!

At 11:59pm April 30th, 2017 the 420 competition will end and the competitors with the top strains on the leaderboard will receive a one-time only unique prize. The leaderboard will reset on May 1st and the next competition will begin. Please note a new unique prize will be awarded each month.

Look forward to seeing you in the competition.

– The Hempire Community Team

p.s. If you need helping improving your strains please read Mr. Green’s Breeding & Legendary Guide in the Forums (Tap that CAFE).