Patch Notes – 420 Update

2017-04-26T15:57:00+00:00April 19th, 2017|Blog, Release Notes|

Hey guys! In preparation for 420 we’re adding some cool new stuff. In this small update we’re adding a new character as well as some sweet collectible items. **Please note that these items will only be available from 4/20 until the end of the month.

What to expect in the update:

– 420 Top Strain competition
– New Rob Solomon character and 420 only deals. Unlocks at level 12. Can you find him?
– New car: Pipe Dragster
– New Statues: The Deep Thinker, Puff Taurus, King Bong
– Bug Fixes

420 Strain Competition

Starting on 420 and every month afterward we will be holding a weekly Top Strain competition. Winners of this competition will receive a small gift package including a unique one time only statue that can be used to replace the statue in front of the city hall. The top 1% of players on the leaderboard will win this one-time only prize. Please note, we will be gifting the winners after the competition is over since the feature is still being developed. Thanks for playing and for your patience and understanding.

Keep the feedback coming and we’ll keep on trying to improve your Hempire gaming experience. If you find any problems with this version, please contact us. We promise to fix everything for you keep rolling a joint with us.

– The Hempire Team