Go behind the scenes with the hilarious ladies of Baked Goodes – a comedy web series about enigmatic edible entrepreneurs!


HEMPIRE: What inspired the creation of Baked Goodes?

BAKED GOODES: It’s hard to say one specific thing. We had all came together – a group of women, mostly strangers from Facebook –  to create comedy videos. What eventually became Baked Goodes was developed by everyone pitching ideas and group consensus. It’s actually a pretty unique story that we discussed more at length on The Other 50% Podcast (which is a great women-in-the-entertainment-industry podcast) if you want to check it out!

HEMPIRE: What was your process for coming up with the storylines?

BAKED GOODES: We all come up with some ideas on our own, then get together and brainstorm more ideas as a group. After we have a solid list of contenders, we create a spreadsheet and each vote for our top choices. If that doesn’t give us a clear majority, we discuss and see if we can combine ideas or figure out a way to make everyone happy. I swear, it is so much more fun than it sounds!

HEMPIRE: What was Birdie like to work with?

BAKED GOODES: Such a professional! Sure, she was treated like the super-star she was and went on many, many walks during the day, but it was worth it! I mean, what a performance! Can you believe this was her big acting debut?

HEMPIRE: The dog-owning couple were adorably hilarious – how did you cast them?

BAKED GOODES: I know, right? They’re so great! For Joanna, we had hoped Jessica Jones would be available. Not only is she an amazingly funny & talented working actress, but since she has been on both Disjointed and Mary + Jane weed-centered shows, we thought it would be extra fun to have her in our show. We really lucked out with Robert for Chip! We had posted a casting call in a comedy group in Facebook and he submitted himself. We cast him right off his submission!

HEMPIRE: Were the episodes inspired by any real-life experiences?

BAKED GOODES: As far as I know, none of us has had their animals accidentally get in their stash! There was a time my (Caryn’s) sister accidentally ate a bunch of my edible crackers and that was a bit of a nightmare. This just felt like a fun premise for an episode, and something that could totally happen to anyone. We are all such animal lovers, it was exciting to write a storyline that involved a cute puppy!

HEMPIRE: Were there any issues that came up during filming, and how did you solve them?

BAKED GOODES: There are always issues that come up in filming lol. On the day we shot the Hempire episodes, the only major issue really was that we started late. Pretty late. So we ended up having to make up time later by shortening the shot list. When we shot the first season, tho, we had a lot of obstacles to overcome, so maybe we were due for an easier time? Or maybe we just learned a lot and figured out ways to avoid common pitfalls.

HEMPIRE: What would you love to do next with Baked Goodes?

BAKED GOODES: Ideally? We’d love to make this into a half-hour show on TV! Until that happens, we’re planning on creating more episodes for the web with continued sponsorship.