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2017-04-19T01:55:57+00:00April 18th, 2017|Blog, Community|

We invite all players to join the Hempire community. So we implemented an amazing Hempire KTPlay Forum! Want to access it and start chatting with your fellow Hempire fans? Just click the CAFE in-game!

Please feel free to post your thoughts, ideas, questions, or personal experiences with Hempire, or reply to the thoughts of others!

To maintain everyone’s enjoyment of the community board, we do ask that players follow a few courtesy rules when posting

– Please refrain from posting inappropriate pictures*
– Please refrain from posting any form of advertisement
– Please refrain from posting disrespectful or hostile content
– Please refrain from posting any form of racist or discriminatory content

*All content management whether game-related or otherwise, is up to the discretion of HEMPIRE and LBC Studios

If you see something, say something. We’re building a safe place for our fans, and this beautiful community. If you see something that breaks any of our forum rules, or you find to be offensive, please report the content immediately. We will look into everything. If reporting privileges are abused, temporary bans may be placed upon your KTPlay account.

Hempire Staff will provide answers and assistance as often as we can. If you are having issues with the game that require more immediate attention, please note that you can also send a message directly to our support from in-game by going to Settings, then Support, then selecting the message icon at the top-right corner.
Thank you for abiding by our community rules, and we hope you enjoy the Hempire forum!


– The Hempire Community Team