When we launched on 420 earlier this year, we never thought we’d hit 4 MILLION DOWNLOADS. That’s a lot of Hempires!

To celebrate, here are our top nine moments of 2017 in pictures:

Top Nine Moments of 2017

1. Team Hempire: Did you know our team is split between Vancouver (Canada) and Aracaju (Brazil)? This photo was taken at a team dinner where the lead dev flew in from Brazil and met most of the Vancouver team in person for the first time!

2, 3 & 4. Fan Art Fridays (Northern Lights Painting by Dmoney, Robot Butler Clay Art by Laura Hampson & Hempire Logo by Dr. Greenthumb): When we started the competition, we weren’t sure if we’d get any entries… but you Hemperors keep blowing us away with your creativity, and inspiring us to create the best game we can for ya!

5. Strainstorm Competition (White Widow Papercraft by Anne): It was amazing to collaborate with the community on our new Hempire Cup Strain icons! (If you’re ever curious where the Megathread gnome came from… it was originally suggested by Moderator Jake! 😉)

6: Live-Action Trailer: “IT’S A CROWN, SHARON.” (Watch it here!)

7 & 8: Halloweed Costume Competition (Bud Green’s dog dressed as his strain ‘Snoopicorn’ & Player Jaz as Vampire Mandy): There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your creations come to life, and Jaz (who won the comp) captured every detail of Vampire Mandy, while Bud just made us laugh with the ingenuity of his pup’s get up!

9: Moderator Deepsea73’s Motivational Post: This represents two things. Firstly – the Mod Squad, an incredible team of volunteers who help the forums run smoothly and share their tips and strategies. Secondly, the community itself. You Hemperors are the reason Hempire has become so much more than a game, and we want to thank you for growing with us!

We hope these holidays are filled with everything and everyone you love, and we’re excited to keep growing with you in 2018!

Team Hempire 🎉💚🎉💨💨