Trains are pulling into a train depot near you! Compete against other Enterprises by delivering goods across the country! 🚂🚃🚃🚃💨💨

On April 15th, the roll out will begin, which means that the update will gradually be available on Android devices, with Apple approval to follow a few days later. We’re aiming to be 100% rolled out by April 20th. 🎂🌿


  • Two extra Shed levels!
  • Two extra Warehouse levels!
  • Strains and Factory Products are quicker to produce!
  • Strains, Factory Products and Spare Parts sales prices re-balanced!
  • City-Hall Tasks top winning percentages changed from “50-25-10%” to “30-20-10%”.

PLUS 12 new storyline quests with Jamie the Reporter!

How to Build the Train Depot:

  • Be Level 16 or higher!
  • Save up 5 Planks, 3 Cement, 2 Bricks, 1 Steel, and $28k in cash!

Train Events:

In Train Events, groups of 5-6 Enterprises compete to see who can earn the most Profit Points by making Train deliveries! Each Train Event only runs for a limited time, so you’ll need to get organized to crush those other Enterprises! During the first few months, we’ll be testing different lengths for the event, ranging from 48 hours to a week.

During each event, you’ll be filling Train orders that ask for Epic Buds and Factory Products, so make sure you stock up in advance!

How to Join a Train Event:

You have to be in an Enterprise to join Train Events – if you’re not in one, check out our Enterprise Recruitment Megathread in the Cafe!

Registration will only be open for a limited time before a Train Event starts. ANY member of your Enterprise can join the event on behalf of the team. You HAVE to register during this limited window BEFORE the competition startsor you’ll miss out! Keep an eye out for the Event Ticker – as soon as you see it, sign up!

If your members aren’t active, or if you don’t have a full team of 8 yet, we also recommend checking out the Enterprise Recruitment Megathread!

NEW Loot Case Rewards:

Placing in Train Events earns you Train Loot Cases!

These contain Cash, Diamonds—and most importantly, Train Depot Upgrade Items!

For more info, check out our Trains FAQ in the Cafe! SEE YOU IN THE GAME!