High Hemperors!

We’re planning on releasing update v1.7 soon, and wanted to give you a heads up about changes.

We’ll be starting our layered Android roll-out on August 28, with the iOS roll-out to follow after a few days. We’ll slowly be releasing to 100% of players over that week, so we can catch and fix any bugs that may arise.

– New Hempire Cup Icons, inspired by the art of the Strainstorm Competition Winners!
– New Island-themed Cars, Statues and Plants for your Mansion and City Hall!
– More Hempire Cup rewards!
– Second greenhouse strains and new factory products added to City Hall Tasks!
– Epic and Legendary Item rewards added to Dr. Dino’s deals!

– Less crashes and better load times by 20-30%! (We know this isn’t 100%, but our team’s chipping away at optimizing memory management!)
– No more jumping around mid-quest!

– As you level up, spending diamonds on cash packs in the pawn shop will give you MORE cash!
– Right now, late-game players are ending up with insane amounts of cash that they can’t do much with, so we’re making the following changes:
> Increasing Hempire Cup rewards.
> Reducing cash rewards from quests.
> Scaling strain quality so the better your strain, the more cash you’ll earn from selling them!
– We’re improving the drop rate of the rarest items in-game to better reflect the level 4 building upgrades introduced in update v1.6.
– We’re introducing a cap on how many ads you can watch for diamonds, and removing the Film Buff event from City Hall Tasks. (The cap is important for helping us better detect cheaters.)
– Increased Legendary Bud qualities!
– We’re also doing a complete rebalancing of the upgrade requirements. We want to reduce item droughts in the Global Market, so we’ve spread out the demand for different items at different levels in the game.
> Overall, most things will cost less rare items. This will sometimes be balanced by asking for more common items.
> If you’ve been saving up for an upgrade, we recommend buying the upgrade before you update to v1.7.
> We’re removing blueprints as requirements for houses. You can still sell them on the Global Market (we’ll be buying them up for ya. )

Phew! We’ve scaled back on the size of the new features so we can improve the current experience of the game, but we’ve got a LOT of great ideas in the pipeline that we can’t wait to share with you all! As always, if you’ve got any questions or feedback, please let us know!

– Team Hempire